Hi!  Welcome to my photography blog!  I am a filmmaker, writer, photographer and activist.  I saw my first movie (ET) in a theater at ten years old and knew that I wanted to be a filmmaker and storyteller in that moment.  I've never really wanted to do anything else, though I have had passing fancies of working with animals and finding a way to travel the world full time (still working on both of those).
  In the early 90's, I went to Columbia in Chicago and studied filmmaking and fiction writing.  It was a wonderful time where I got to experience diverse cultures, work on iconic Chicago films and attend lectures by some of the best artists working in film and writing (like Columbia alumni and cinematographer Janusz Kamiński of Schindlers List).
I picked up a love of still photography really thru my love of film where we were taught to create every frame as a perfect picture that told a story.  After Columbia I spent a few years taking still photography classes (where I learned to print my own images) and traveled the country shooting.  During this time, I also got the pleasure of showing in a few galleries around the country and won a couple photography awards. I am completely in love with the work of french photographer Robert Doisneau who was a French street photographer, and even named one of my shows in honor of him.
   In 2000, I returned to Las Vegas, where I had spent time as a child, and studied digital filmmaking at UNLV with filmmakers Francisco Menendez, David Scmoeller and cinematographer Rene Hugo. Digital cinema was just becoming an option for filmmakers and made the art form accessible to nearly everyone thru tools like final cut and digital cameras.  While on the west coast, I worked on many films and tv shows in the production, story and camera departments, worked at Cinevegas International Film Festival, and worked with Panavision, Tiffin and Mole Richardson.  I eventually began producing, directing and writing full time.   I've since moved several more times and am now working primarily as a freelance and independent filmmaker, writer and photographer.  My stories normally revolve around the lives of women and I'm currently working on a documentary and book about the lives of women around the world.
    Throughout the years I have developed a huge desire to 1. help girls and women enter roles in filmmaking that have traditionally been held by men and 2. help girls realize their potential as women and human beings. I'm currently developing several ideas to make that happen as well and am excited to update soon.
   Meanwhile, I have this appendage to my arm (otherwise known as a camera:) it comes with me everywhere and is capturing images all around me all the time. I update the blog often and have recently begun offering prints as fine art photography.

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