Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pink Fog

The other day it was really foggy all day. At sunset, the sky turned this amazing pink color. It was beautiful!  Reminded me of when Vegas would get overcast and the lights would reflect pink on the clouds, a mesmerizing site few but the locals notice because visitors never really look up while there. This was all over though. I grabbed the camera and took it outside, below are the pics.

From the driveway looking at the neighbors.  You can even see the pink reflecting on the water on the street.
The lake across the street (sad to say I had never actually walked back there til then, you have to walk thru the neighbors yard to get there, I figured the picture was worth a little trespassing)
And a few more, edited with a little more yellow to look as lovely as possible.  These are in my store now.

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